Buckling Assessment on Steel Bridge Flyover

midasBridge TeamMarch 24, 2021



In 2016, Kolkata witnessed a major steel bridge failure of the Vivekananda Road Flyover during construction which led to 27 deaths and 50 injured. The construction work of a 2.2km flyover began in 2009 and was expected to be completed in 2010. Although six years behind schedule, it was not yet completed the erection part till 2016 (Figure 1).

Worst Bridge Collapses in History

midasBridge TeamFebruary 2, 2021

Bridges are one of the most important engineering structures in the world. Why? Because they connect people and societies all around the world! However, like any other structure, safety must be the top priority when building these bridges because people’s lives are at stake if something happens to the bridges. The following content will talk about some of the worst bridge collapses in history and the engineering issues around them.

Morandi Bridge Collapse

midasBridge TeamJanuary 26, 2021

The Morandi Bridge:

An inspiration to a generation of engineers and a very costly learning opportunity