5 Global Companies for Bridge Engineers

midasBridge TeamFebruary 16, 2021

5 Global for Bridge Engineers


8 Essential Skills You Should Never Miss to Become a Successful Bridge Engineer

midasBridge TeamNovember 2, 2020

We have reviewed more than 10 well-written blog posts and 15 video contents that introduce must-have skills for Bridge engineers. So, here we listed up the top 4 most featured skills and 4 more major skills that MIDAS civil experts think every successful Bridge engineer must-have.



1. Project management and leadership skills


As you may know, only licensed civil engineers are allowed to sign final design documents for infrastructure projects. This is because they are the only ones who can confirm whether the design complies with all standards and safety regulations. Therefore, civil engineers are the center of the entire project’s design and implementation. While you develop a career as a junior engineer, you will learn how to lead clients, managers, planners, technicians and provide them with appropriate guidance for a given project.



2. Finding Errors & Omissions


Bridge engineers can prevent a number of errors in projects by evaluating the work of others. According to McGraw Hill Construction’s report, “Managing Uncertainty and Expectations in Building Design and Construction (2014)”, Errors & Omissions are the top concerns for business owners. 80% of surveyed owners responded that additional work and costs are inevitable if there are errors & omissions present in a given project. We think this situation is no different in Bridge design and construction.


It requires years of experience in various projects to find errors and suggest cost-effective solutions to partakers. Having hands-on experience on the newest and most advanced software tools (CAD or CAE) can help you save time and minimize errors by providing features in various processes such as design checks and load rating.


Dynamic Analysis of Footbridges as per Eurocode

midasBridge TeamJune 8, 2020

Steel composite footbridge Morava project is presented in this session. The structure is described with interesting remarks from the assembly. Practical experience on how to design footbridges that are sensitive to the load imposed by pedestrians is shared. After this session, bridge engineers will understand more deeply how to deal effectively with dynamically loaded bridges.

Geometry Modeling Techniques for Bridge Engineers

midasBridge TeamJune 1, 2020

In May 2020,  we hosted a webinar, “Mastering midas Civil : Geometry Modeling Techniques for Bridge Engineers Seeking for More" by Jihoon Kang, Training Manager/MIDASIT.