Steel Composite Girder Flexural Capacity: AASHTO vs Eurocode

midasBridge TeamNovember 26, 2021


Steel Composite Girder Flexural Capacity: AASHTO vs Eurocode

Steel Composite Bridge Design

midasBridge TeamMarch 4, 2021

 In February 2019,  we hosted a webinar, "Case Study of Steel Composite Bridge Design" by Marco Bonomo, Senior Bridge Engineer, Atkins, UK

Three-Span Steel Composite I-Girder Bridge Design

midasBridge TeamDecember 8, 2020


Steel Ladder Deck Bridge Design

midasBridge TeamJune 30, 2020

This webinar shows a case study about the steel composite ladder deck girder bridge. The webinar will highlight major factors to consider in the design of this type of bridge, such as shear lag and buckling effects. It will provide recommendations on the suitability and use of different model types. Since many ladder deck bridges are constructed using the push launch method, special considerations for the construction sequence will be discussed.  

Time History Analysis of Steel U-Girder Bridge

midasBridge TeamJune 15, 2020

The fatigue analysis is one of the assessment methods of bridges. Time History Analysis can be used to calculate the fatigue stresses. In this course, we tried to broaden your understanding of functions that are for time history analysis in midas Civil. In addition, we walked through in detail the process of time history analysis. It will be helpful to most of the bridge engineers who handle the time history analysis.

Dynamic Analysis of Footbridges as per Eurocode

midasBridge TeamJune 8, 2020

Steel composite footbridge Morava project is presented in this session. The structure is described with interesting remarks from the assembly. Practical experience on how to design footbridges that are sensitive to the load imposed by pedestrians is shared. After this session, bridge engineers will understand more deeply how to deal effectively with dynamically loaded bridges.