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Nowolazurowa Flyover

Main features used in this application DFX import Construction stage analysis with composite section Section property calculator for general shape composite section generation Moving load analysis

Description on this project

The cross section consists of six rolled section 1.09m high, which are made of S460 steel. The
beams are connected with 22cm (C30/37) concrete slabs. The viaduct consists of 13 spans, 28m
and 34m long. There is an expansion join on every pier, so finally it has 3 separate superstructures:
4 spans, 6 spans and 4 spans.


  • Fig. midas Civil Analysis Model for the Nowolazurowa Flyover

  • Fig. midas Civil Analysis Results for the Nowolazurowa Flyover

  • Fig. Nowolazurowa Flyover

Project Contact SKANSKA
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    Ul. Pruszkowska 17, 02-119 Warszawa, Poland

  • Introduction

    SKANSKA is the largest construction company in Poland. Also, they build facilities for the largest companies in the automotive, pharmaceutical, furniture, commercial and public investors and the army. At the same time with the same commitment, they have smaller investments, building municipal and county roads, schools and kindergartens.

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Warsaw, Poland


Road Investments Management Authority in Warsaw

General Contractor


Engineering Consultant


Construction Period

2014 - 2015

Type of Project

Steel Composite Girder Bridge

Size of Structure

34m Main Span, 420m Total Length