About midasCivil Academy

midasCivil Academy is the worldwide leader in free training for bridge structural analysis and design.
We specialize in comprehensive on/offline courses for engineering professionals looking to grow their career.


Good Technology

Detailed descriptions of the essential functions that must be used in the bridge design experience are provided. Usage and precautions of midasCivil are often unknown to even experienced engineers.


Better Speakers

midasCivil's users will share a variety of hands-on experiences in bridge design. For engineers who are tired of repetitive tasks, this is a great opportunity to have an indirect experience and expand knowledge.


Best Courses

Unlike an ordinary software training, the course's prime focus is to elevate practical skills in bridge design. The course doesn't end with software knowledge and is designed to provide practical ideas of engineering. 


Value of Being a Speaker #1
Deepen Your Knowledge

Nothing helps deepen knowledge as effectively as sharing it. You will design the session together with MIDAS' Experts. The preparation process makes it easy to recognize better practices of using midas Civil. MIDAS also provides resources to help you build even more skills. During the course, you will exchange many ideas and insights with other bridge engineering professionals. Becoming a speaker will be the best opportunity to raise your horizon. All to empower you to be the best MIDAS users you can be.

Value of Being a Speaker #2
Your Turn to Shine

Thousands of clients around the world use midas Civil and want to learn more. When MIDAS shows more ways to utilize software, it changes how they design bridges. If you become our speaker, you show things they won't otherwise see and make connections they won't otherwise make. With this in mind, we will work with you to design a curriculum for them to recognize your engineering expertise. Once your valuable course materials and recordings are shared, most of our clients will appreciate and admire your effort.


Value of Being a Speaker #3
Career Unlike Everyone Else

Being our speaker will become a turning point of your career. Doubtlessly, networking with right professionals elevate your career. You can make connections with world-class engineers by communicating about presented project and experience. In addition, mastering an analysis software is one of the most important skill for engineers. Especially, the world class software like midas Civil will become a very valuable asset to your career. Empower your career with this special opportunity.

How to Become a Speaker


Please fill out the form below, and we will contact you shortly. If you have a project you'd like to share, please briefly tell us.


If you have trouble making a presentation, let's develop together. Once you are ready, we'll be scheduled for a session.


On the day of training, you just need to relax and deliver the presentation. We will handle all other administrative issues.


If you want to take this opportunity, please apply now. Opportunities are limited and will be given to the firstly contacted people. If you are not sure about the contents and schedule of the presentation, we recommend to apply now and discuss them later. After you apply, we will contact you shortly. Feel free to discuss  with us about any suggestion and idea.


* The information you submit will not be shared with third parties other than MIDASIT.

** The honorarium will be paid to your personal account  shortly after the training.


Become a Speaker Now

Past Speakers

Goei, Yeuk-Ho_52_modi

Yeuk-Ho Goei

Associate Director, AECOM, Australia

I presented a webinar supported by MIDAS Team. It was a great way to share my bridge design knowledge and Midas Civil experience with engineers from all over the world. It was also an effective way to demonstrate the technical capability of my company and myself.  It was a very satisfying experience when I got positive feedback about my presentation from the audience.

Pere Alfaras

Pere Alfaras

Principal Bridge Engineer, Arcadis, UK

MIDAS IT has given me the opportunity to present several webinars about advanced uses of MIDAS Civil, and that allowed me to reach a large audience around the globe. This helped to share my knowledge and showcase my company's technical capabilities. It also allowed me to develop new relations with other engineers and professionals with common interests.

Mahesh Sankaran

Mahesh Sankaran

Senior Bridge Engineer, AECOM, UK

I had an opportunity to present a webinar. It was a great deal of experience to showcase my project details and technical expertise across the globe. The presentation attendance was about 750+, and it is exciting to become famous overnight J.  The webinar series is an excellent platform to prove my professional commitment and develop connections.

Martin Bosak

Martin Bosak

Senior Engineer, J.B. Barry and Partners Limited, Ireland

I was glad to be invited to participate in MIDAS Webinar series. It gave me opportunity to share my knowledge and experience in bridge design, using MIDAS Civil as an effective design tool for engineers and also to promote capabilities of our company. Preparation of the seminar presentation helped me to review again design guidance provided by codes of practice and important engineering principles behind them. I was proud to be able to share this information with other engineers and it was satisfying to get positive feedback. Many, especially young engineers expressed their appreciation and how they benefited from presented information