Special Bridges with Double Layered Truss Girders

midasBridge TeamMay 12, 2021

1. Introduction

Depending on the purpose, a bridge can be planned in various shapes. To enable a large amount of transportation, a bridge designer can apply several design considerations to a bridge design. Let’s look at one of them.

A double-layer bridge provides more space through the double-layer girder to transport vehicles, trains, or pedestrians. This type of girder has enough vertical clearance to carry them. Therefore, it could make clearance issues under the bridge, and also it could make aero stability issues. Nevertheless, the double-layer girder can be one of the available options for a bridge in areas where heavy traffic is expected.

Five of the Most Beautiful 'Photo Spot' Bridges around the World

midasBridge TeamApril 14, 2021

Bridges have a strong presence. For example, when we are walking or passing by a bridge, we always say we are crossing the "000 bridge". As soon as you get on the bridge, you no longer simply look ahead but start looking at the incredible scenes surrounding the bridge. Besides, most bridges are built with various aesthetic factors, forcing tourists and travelers to take out their cameras and smartphones. Like this, bridges are always in our daily lives and remain in our memories.


We have selected five of the most beautiful "Photo Spot" bridges around the world in this article. The current pandemic situation has made it impossible to travel and see these amazing bridges. That's why we have provided you with some information and some stunning "Photo Spots" where you can take incredible pictures once this pandemic is over. 


Self-Anchored Suspension Bridge Design

midasBridge TeamOctober 26, 2020

 The Andy Warhol Bridge is an eyebar-chain, self-anchored suspension bridge carrying Seventh Street over the Allegheny River in the city of Pittsburgh, PA. This bridge is one of the "Three Sisters" bridges constructed from 1924 to 1928 which comprise the only trio of identical, side-by-side bridges in the world and the first self-anchored bridges constructed in the United States.