Moving Load : All You Need to Know

midasBridge TeamDecember 10, 2020

This webinar is the follow-up session for "Traffic Load Consideration to Different Types of Bridges: Case Study by Vishal Prasad"

Self-Anchored Suspension Bridge Design

midasBridge TeamOctober 26, 2020

 The Andy Warhol Bridge is an eyebar-chain, self-anchored suspension bridge carrying Seventh Street over the Allegheny River in the city of Pittsburgh, PA. This bridge is one of the "Three Sisters" bridges constructed from 1924 to 1928 which comprise the only trio of identical, side-by-side bridges in the world and the first self-anchored bridges constructed in the United States.

Time History Analysis of Steel U-Girder Bridge

midasBridge TeamJune 15, 2020

The fatigue analysis is one of the assessment methods of bridges. Time History Analysis can be used to calculate the fatigue stresses. In this course, we tried to broaden your understanding of functions that are for time history analysis in midas Civil. In addition, we walked through in detail the process of time history analysis. It will be helpful to most of the bridge engineers who handle the time history analysis.

Numerical Simulation of Soil Structure Interaction in Pile-supported Integral Bridges

midasBridge TeamJune 11, 2020

Example #1. Integral bridge on piled bank seats 

Modeling & Moving Load Analysis of PSC Girder Bridge

midasBridge TeamApril 28, 2020

Moving loads are one of the most important factors in the bridge design. In this course, we tried to broaden your understanding of vehicle loads to get accurate moving load results. Additionally, we discussed in detail how moving loads affect the analysis results depending on how define traffic line lanes and vehicles are defined. It will be helpful to most bridge engineers who handle moving load factors on a daily basis.

Tutorial: Transverse Analysis of PSC Box Girder in Cable-Stayed Bridge

midasBridge TeamMarch 26, 2020

In this webinar, we will follow a step-by-step modeling example for the transverse analysis using various functions in midas Civil. Additionally, we will provide information about the usage and meaning of each function.