What's New in midas Civil 2022?

midasBridge TeamNovember 10, 2021

What's New in midas Civil 2022? 


Recent Advancements in Prestressed Concrete Bridges

midasBridge TeamJune 2, 2021

Recent Advancements in Prestressed Concrete Bridges


Special Bridges with Double Layered Truss Girders

midasBridge TeamMay 12, 2021

1. Introduction

Depending on the purpose, a bridge can be planned in various shapes. To enable a large amount of transportation, a bridge designer can apply several design considerations to a bridge design. Let’s look at one of them.

A double-layer bridge provides more space through the double-layer girder to transport vehicles, trains, or pedestrians. This type of girder has enough vertical clearance to carry them. Therefore, it could make clearance issues under the bridge, and also it could make aero stability issues. Nevertheless, the double-layer girder can be one of the available options for a bridge in areas where heavy traffic is expected.

Why is Bridge Information Modeling (BrIM) Important in Today's Bridge Industry?

midasBridge TeamApril 21, 2021

The Next Civil Engineering Standard

Five of the Most Beautiful 'Photo Spot' Bridges around the World

midasBridge TeamApril 14, 2021

Bridges have a strong presence. For example, when we are walking or passing by a bridge, we always say we are crossing the "000 bridge". As soon as you get on the bridge, you no longer simply look ahead but start looking at the incredible scenes surrounding the bridge. Besides, most bridges are built with various aesthetic factors, forcing tourists and travelers to take out their cameras and smartphones. Like this, bridges are always in our daily lives and remain in our memories.


We have selected five of the most beautiful "Photo Spot" bridges around the world in this article. The current pandemic situation has made it impossible to travel and see these amazing bridges. That's why we have provided you with some information and some stunning "Photo Spots" where you can take incredible pictures once this pandemic is over. 


MIDAS Bridge is LIVE

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Hello, this is MIDAS Bridge Blog! 🖐🏻

World's Tallest Arch Bridge

midasBridge TeamApril 1, 2021

Chenab Bridge is being constructed over the Chenab River in the Himalayas. This arch-shaped steel bridge will become the world's highest railway bridge, with a total height of 359 m (1178 ft.) above the river, 35 m taller than the Eiffel Tower. It will connect Baramulla to Jammu.

5 Global Companies for Bridge Engineers

midasBridge TeamFebruary 16, 2021

5 Global for Bridge Engineers


Worst Bridge Collapses in History

midasBridge TeamFebruary 2, 2021

Bridges are one of the most important engineering structures in the world. Why? Because they connect people and societies all around the world! However, like any other structure, safety must be the top priority when building these bridges because people’s lives are at stake if something happens to the bridges. The following content will talk about some of the worst bridge collapses in history and the engineering issues around them.

Top 5 Most Incredible Bridges in the World

midasBridge TeamJanuary 14, 2021

1.The Danyang-Kunshan bridge, China | CRBC

The Danyang-Kunshan bridge in China is considered the world’s longest bridge with a length of 164.8 kilometers. The bridge connects two very large cities in China, Shanghai and Nanging. The Danyang-Kushan bridge also connects Danyang and Kunshan in the section of the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway that connects the Beijing West Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Station. During its construction, it took almost 10,000 construction workers to complete this engineering feat, which made the completion of the construction possible in only 4 years. One notable part of the Danyang-Kunshan bridge is its 9km long section that spans over Yangcheng Lake. This particular section required at least 2,000 pillars to support it. This massive structure required 450,000 tons of structural steel, making it a very sturdy structure. The sturdiness of the bridge allows it to withstand massive natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes of magnitudes reaching 8 on the Richter scale. Furthermore, the bridge is also able to withstand the impacts from naval vessels that weigh up to 300,000 tons. Furthermore, since the bridge had to function for a high-speed train, the design speed was an important factor to take into consideration. Depending on the type of train, the maximum speed of the railways varies from 250km/h to 350km/h. However, for the Danyang-Kushan bridge, the railway line of the bridge had to be designed for an operating speed of 350km/h and a maximum speed of 380 km/h due to its busy hours.

Top 5 New Advanced Technologies for Bridge Design

midasBridge TeamDecember 29, 2020

Top 5 New Advanced Technologies for Bridge Design and Construction


8 Essential Skills You Should Never Miss to Become a Successful Bridge Engineer

midasBridge TeamNovember 2, 2020

We have reviewed more than 10 well-written blog posts and 15 video contents that introduce must-have skills for Bridge engineers. So, here we listed up the top 4 most featured skills and 4 more major skills that MIDAS civil experts think every successful Bridge engineer must-have.



1. Project management and leadership skills


As you may know, only licensed civil engineers are allowed to sign final design documents for infrastructure projects. This is because they are the only ones who can confirm whether the design complies with all standards and safety regulations. Therefore, civil engineers are the center of the entire project’s design and implementation. While you develop a career as a junior engineer, you will learn how to lead clients, managers, planners, technicians and provide them with appropriate guidance for a given project.



2. Finding Errors & Omissions


Bridge engineers can prevent a number of errors in projects by evaluating the work of others. According to McGraw Hill Construction’s report, “Managing Uncertainty and Expectations in Building Design and Construction (2014)”, Errors & Omissions are the top concerns for business owners. 80% of surveyed owners responded that additional work and costs are inevitable if there are errors & omissions present in a given project. We think this situation is no different in Bridge design and construction.


It requires years of experience in various projects to find errors and suggest cost-effective solutions to partakers. Having hands-on experience on the newest and most advanced software tools (CAD or CAE) can help you save time and minimize errors by providing features in various processes such as design checks and load rating.