What's New in midas Civil 2022?

November 10, 2021

What's New in midas Civil 2022? 


Please check more on our Download Center here.



MIDAS IT is announcing the enhancements to the latest release of midas Civil 2022 v.1.1 for structural engineering with emphasis on modeling, analysis, and design of bridges. 


The new release of midas Civil 2022 includes various enhancements and updates to the design code. Furthermore, the UI/UX for the Start Page has been completely redesigned to accommodate the needs of our users as well as provide a more user-friendly environment. 


Let's take a closer look at the recently redesigned midas Civil 2022 Start Page!

Release Note 0.1.2

The newly redesigned Start Page for midas Civil 2022 provides a more user-friendly window that provides all the necessary information needed for our users. 


✔ MIDAS Customer Online Support 



Release Note 1.1

The first tab on the new Start Page provides a direct link to our MIDAS Customer Online Support website. Here, users can get access to various information including:

  • Download Installation and Patch files for all our MIDAS software
  • Tutorials and Technical Documents related to MIDAS software
  • FAQ and Q&A forums for all MIDAS software
  • Error Troubleshooting
  • Ideas Forum


✔ Go to Download Center 

Release Note 2


The second tab on the new midas Civil Start Page provides a direct link to the Download Center for the program where users can go and check out the new releases of the software as well as get a detailed PDF presentation on the different enhancements made for each release note.



✔ Link to midas Bridge Official Website

Release Note 3


The third and last tab on the Start Page provides a direct link to our main midasbridge website. Here, users can check out various contents related to civil, structural, and bridge engineering. Some of the contents you will find include a weekly roundup of our latest blog post, solution pages for every bridge engineering term, downloadable monthly Ebooks, case studies, invitations to events and expert webinars, updates on the latest release notes of our software, and much more!


✔ Recent Files Preview List

Release Note 4


The last update made to our Start Page includes a newly formed design where users can see their recent saved projects made in midas Civil. Users now can easily see their recently saved projects in the Start Page without 

Users can save up to four files which will show up in the Start Page, making it easier for users to go back to the recent projects they were working on.


✔ Enhancements

Now, let us look at some of the main enhancements made to midas Civil 2022!


In terms of design, we will like to look at two important enhancements made. The first enhancement is the UK CS 454 Bridge Assessment for Steel Composite Girder. Steel composite girder assessment to CS 454 and CS 457 has been added to the software. Now, level 1 assessment can be performed for steel composite girders in midas Civil. Furthermore, assessment load combinations can be defined to obtain output for strength & service limit states. Assessment can also be performed depending on section types such as plate girders and box girders, and stiffeners in the transverse and longitudinal direction, web panels, shear connectors can be defined. Lastly, assessment results can be viewed in tabular format in midas Civil and these results can be exported to an Excel file. The summary and details of the report are provided for the bending, shear, combined bending and shear, longitudinal shear checks, and service limit states.

Enhancement 1


The second enhancement we will look into is the Load Rating LRFR 2019 update to AASHTO MBE 3rd edition for steel composite girders. Now, service, strength, and fatigue ratings are available for steel composite girders based on AASHTO-LRFR19. Furthermore, finite/infinite life, as well as serviceability index, can be viewed in the software and an excel report can be referred for detailed calculations. In the previous version of midas Civil, just the classification on whether the detail had finite or infinite fatigue life was available. Now, in midas Civil 2022, if the detail has finite fatigue life, then the minimum, evaluation I, evaluation II and mean fatigue life along with serviceability index are provided with detailed calculations.

 Enhancement 2



Now, let's look at two important analysis-related enhancements made to midas Civil 2022. The first analysis enhancement is the Train Load Generator Time Forcing function improvement. With this enhancement, the time-history function is improved for the nodes which have different distances between nodes. Furthermore, the time-history function is also improved for the first node and the last node of the track. The second important analysis enhancement is the Auto-generation of Beam Section Temperature Loads (AASHTO, Eurocode, Australia). With this enhancement, an auto definition of the temperature gradient for PSC and steel composite girders is available as per AASHTO LRFD 2020, Eurocode, and AS 5100. The AS 5100 standard has different temperature distributions between the shaded area and other areas at the top of the slab for the PSC sections, but with this function, the temperature distribution of other areas is applied to the whole area of the top slab.


Enhancement 3



Additional enhancements to midas Civil include:


  • UK High-Speed Train Loads Database for Train Load Generator
  • AS 5100.5:17 Update for midas GSD
  • Italy NTC 2018 RS function
  • Traffic Load AK, N11 Update to Russia Standard
  • Longitudinal Stiffener Input Measured from Bottom of Steel Composite Girder

These enhancements can be checked on our Download Center here. Please look under Release Note to see the details for each enhancement.


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