Significance of Influence Line Diagram

midasBridge TeamAugust 26, 2022

Significance of Influence Line Diagram


Moving Load : All You Need to Know

midasBridge TeamDecember 10, 2020

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Influence Line & Surface Analysis on Bridges?

midasBridge TeamDecember 10, 2020

Influence line & surface analysis are moving load analysis techniques for bridges used in many structural analysis programs. In this post, we will try to understand the basic contents of these two interpretation techniques.

How to Add a Transverse Moving Load?

midasBridge TeamNovember 24, 2020

When a static concentrated load is applied on a deck, the deck will deflect transversely as well as longitudinally, similar to the structural behavior of a two-way slab. The load distribution becomes more complex when multiple point loads are applied to the deck, such as truck loads. When the structural model is simplified to a 2D frame model, it is important to obtain the resulting 3D forces from the 2D model.

Modeling & Moving Load Analysis of PSC Girder Bridge

midasBridge TeamApril 28, 2020

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Moving loads are one of the most important factors in the bridge design. In this course, we tried to broaden your understanding of vehicle loads to get accurate moving load results. Additionally, we discussed in detail how moving loads affect the analysis results depending on how define traffic line lanes and vehicles are defined. It will be helpful to most bridge engineers who handle moving load factors on a daily basis.