Introduction to AASHTO Bridge Design Specification

midasBridge TeamFebruary 20, 2024

1. Why do we need design codes?

   Numerous impressive structures were created before the formulation of standardized design codes, but challenges existed. The shift to modern design codes introduced a systematic and scientific approach to bridge engineering, enhancing safety, consistency, and reliability in design and construction. Design codes also play an important role in protecting bridge engineers by providing a framework for legal compliance, standardization, risk mitigation, and professional accountability.

Non-linear Temperature Gradient Part 3. Effects on Beams

midasBridge TeamFebruary 8, 2024

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Nonlinear Temperature Effects on Beams

(1) Basic Concept

   Through Part 1 & 2, we looked at how the temperature gradient load of a bridge is calculated based on the design criteria. Now, let's examine how the calculated load affects the bridge deck.

Steel Composite Girder Flexural Capacity: AASHTO vs Eurocode

midasBridge TeamNovember 26, 2021


Steel Composite Girder Flexural Capacity: AASHTO vs Eurocode

Strut-and-Tie Model: Part 1 - Basics

midasBridge TeamApril 28, 2021

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Trends of Prestressed Concrete I Girder Bridge

midasBridge TeamDecember 15, 2020

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Currently, Prestressed Concrete Beam Bridge, which is generally applied as the most economical bridge type for small and medium-sized bridges in construction works such as highways and national highways, has been introduced to the entire bridge construction field for almost 60 years after the technical proposal.

In this post, we will look at the initial development story and trends of the Prestressed Concrete girder.


Best Practices When Considering Post-Tensioned Girder Bridges

midasBridge TeamNovember 17, 2020