Spine and Grillage Models in Curved Bridge Design

midasBridge TeamMarch 22, 2024

A. Introduction

Designing a curved bridge was a challenge for me in every aspect. The tendon profile in MIDAS Civil, which we covered before, it’s a very well-known issue,

MIDAS API Plug-in: Inertial Forces Controller

midasBridge TeamFebruary 13, 2024

1. The usual method for calculating inertial force

   For curved and skew bridges, when the overall coordinate system (Global Coordinate System) and the diagonals/orthogonals of the piers are not parallel in the analysis, users need to consider the seismic inertial forces in the horizontal direction acting on the entire pier in the "most unfavorable direction.”

Bearing Arrangement for Curved Bridges

midasBridge TeamJune 15, 2022

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Bearing Arrangement for Curved Bridges