How to Define Section Properties in Various Bridge Design Conditions

midasBridge TeamMarch 4, 2021

Section property must be applied when performing analysis as well as material properties. midas Civil provides 'Section Properties' function to define various section shape of structures. Section properties function has an option to define a geometry shape and to calculate section properties for the analysis. And also it has an option for the design feature in midas Civil. Therefore, you can use section properties function on your purpose. 

Comparison of Theoretical and Software Results of Prestressed Tendon Loss

midasBridge TeamOctober 23, 2020

With the advent of the IT era in the 21st century, information that was previously unavailable in the engineering market has become possible. Engineering simulation using a computer program is one of them, and it is currently used in most engineering industries.

How to Define Material Properties for Your Successful Analysis

midasBridge TeamJune 22, 2020

Material properties must be applied when performing analysis. midas Civil provides 'Material Properties' function to define various materials. Some users who are a beginner or are not familiar with midas Civil might be confused while defining a material property because there are various options. These options are used for linear analysis or nonlinear analysis and those are used or not depending on the purpose of analysis.