Construction Stage Modeling and Analysis of PSC BOX Girder Bridge

October 12, 2023

Construction Stage Modeling and Analysis of PSC BOX Girder Bridge


1. Overview


The structural analysis and cross-section design process in MIDAS CIVIL is as follows:


(EN)PSC Box 단면설계 과정

MIDAS CIVIL provides modeling convenience through the support of the Wizard, offering various purpose-specific Wizard functions for PSC Box Bridges.


(EN)모델링 위자드


  • FCM, MSS, FSM, ILM, Grillage Model

In this content, we will introduce the Grillage Model Wizard function, one of the most commonly used bridge types in Europe, by referring to overseas webinars conducted by MIDAS IT.




2. Construction Stage Analysis & Calculation Process of PSC BOX Girder Bridge


Learn about the step-by-step process using the Grillage Model Wizard, considering construction stage analysis and time-dependent material properties.


  • Step 1: Definition of Bridge Section and MaterialsDefine the bridge section and materials used using MIDAS CIVIL.
    Specify the concrete grade as C40/50 and set the prestressed reinforcement.


  1. Step 2: Grillage Model SelectionUtilize the grid model (Grillage Model) of MIDAS CIVIL to define the bridge in 2D elements.

    Here, concrete with C40/50 material is used, and a bridge with a span of 3 will be created.

Grillage model wizard

  1. MIDAS CIVIL Grillage Model Wizard Layout Manual


  1. Step 3: Section Definition

    Define the section and input dimensions for the cross-section.
    Set the sizes and shapes of each part to create the overall shape of the bridge.

    1. MIDAS CIVIL Grillage Model Wizard Section Manual
    2. MIDAS CIVIL Grillage Model Wizard Transverse Manual


  1. Step 4: Section Reinforcement Settings

    Set reinforcement for the bridge section.
    Add P25 and P20 reinforcement at the top and bottom, and also set P12 and P10 reinforcement to determine the strength.

    1. MIDAS CIVIL Grillage Model Wizard Reinforcement Manual


  1. Step 5: Tendon Settings

    Define tendons and input the required quantity and size.
    Create prestress tendons and apply each tendon to the bridge.

    1. MIDAS CIVIL Grillage Model Wizard Tendon Manual


  1. Step 6: Load Settings

    Define loads applying on the bridge.
    Apply loads such as self-weight, wind load, and vehicle load to the model.

    1. MIDAS CIVIL Grillage Model Wizard Load Manual


  1. Step 7: Load Combinations

    Select various design criteria provided by MIDAS CIVIL to automatically generate load combinations according to the design criteria.
    Check how the bridge behaves under various conditions.


  1. Step 8: Analysis and Results Verification

    Analyze the stress and displacement of the bridge using MIDAS CIVIL and visually confirm the results.


  1. Step 9: Report Verification and Validation

    Initially, check the strength and shear strength of the bridge through the report.
    Analyze specific sections of the bridge.
    Define parameters for reinforcement and select the sections to be designed, then review them according to the criteria provided.


  1. Step 10: Result Verification

    After the analysis is complete, check the result tables.
    This allows for a detailed examination of various aspects of the bridge.
    Export results to an Excel report.


  1. Step 11: Bill of Material and Other Information Verification

    MIDAS CIVIL provides essential information related to the quantity of materials used.
    Detailed information about tendons and other components can also be reviewed.


  1. Step 12: Construction Stage Modeling

    Convert the model to a construction stage model to simulate construction scenarios.
    This allows for predicting the form and behavior of the structure in advance.


  1. Step 13: Load and Combination Resetting

    Reset loads for the construction stage, readjust combinations, and consider the loads required for actual construction.


  1. Step 14: Results Analysis and Modification

    Analyze the results from the construction simulation, modify designs if necessary, and establish an optimal construction plan.


Through these steps, it is possible to design a PSC BOX Girder Bridge efficiently, considering the construction phase, and ensuring the stability and durability of the bridge.



3. Conclusion


This content provides insights into MIDAS CIVIL's Grillage Model Wizard, showcasing the modeling, analysis, and cross-section design process for PSC BOX Girder Bridges. While the Wizard may not cover all shapes, it significantly reduces modeling time for typical PSC BOX Girder Bridge shapes.


Explore more about PSC BOX Girder Bridge design and construction with MIDAS CIVIL, making your analysis modeling process efficient and effective.

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