Why Do We Need Pushover Analysis?

midasBridge TeamSeptember 8, 2022

Why do we need pushover analysis?


Dynamic Analysis of Fan, Semi-Fan and Harp Type of Cable-Stayed Bridges

midasBridge TeamJune 8, 2022

Dynamic Analysis of Fan, Semi-Fan, and Harp Type of Cable-Stayed Bridges

While modeling cable-stayed bridges, the different types of cable arrangements such as Fan, Semi-Fan, and Harp type is often considered. Since they vary in cable arrangement, the pretension in the cables is different and the deflection, bending moment, and stresses vary in the bridge. It then becomes prudent to choose the best arrangement for a more optimized design leading to lesser cost and increased safety.

Figure 1: Cable Stayed Bridge


In this article, we present, in a concise way, the modeling of a Cable-Stayed Bridge in midas civil with three different cable arrangements. Furthermore, Response Spectrum analysis is carried out on the models to study the Dynamic Responses of the three arrangements.


Three-Span Steel Composite I-Girder Bridge Design

midasBridge TeamDecember 8, 2020