How to Define Section Properties in Various Bridge Design Conditions

March 4, 2021

Section property must be applied when performing analysis as well as material properties. midas Civil provides 'Section Properties' function to define various section shape of structures. Section properties function has an option to define a geometry shape and to calculate section properties for the analysis. And also it has an option for the design feature in midas Civil. Therefore, you can use section properties function on your purpose. 


In this session, we will introduce the meaning of each option and how to use it more effectively. We hope you use 'Section Properties' function properly.




Key Points


1. Let's walk through Section Properties

Section Properties function provides various sections to cover all modeling cases. We're going to see some sections that are frequently used. And also we will check various options in the section properties.

2. How to define a custom section?

midas Civil has Sectional Property Calculator, SPC. We will see how to use SPC module properly for our model. Here, we will generate 3 section types(Box girder, Composite-steel, Composite-PSC).

3.  Various options to improve the analysis quality

Sometimes we need to consider specific conditions such as concrete crack, effective width, adjusting stiffness, and etc. midas Civil provides additional options to cover them. In this session, we will see how to use them, and when to use those options.




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About the author
Taeyong Yu | Technical Engineer | MIDAS IT

His main role is to communicate with bridge engineers around the world and enable them to successfully complete their bridge projects with midas Civil. As he resolves technical issues that bridge engineers have, he knows what kinds of difficulties that bridge engineers often face.

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