5 Global Companies for Bridge Engineers

February 16, 2021

5 Global for Bridge Engineers


  • Jacobs 
  • HDR, Inc.
  • T.Y. Lin International
  • ARUP






Jacobs is an international professional firm that provides services in the fields of engineering, architecture, and construction. It has been ranked #1 design and engineering firm in the world by the Engineering News-Record (ENR) and Trenchless Technology. Some of Jacobs’ most outstanding projects include the Metrolinx transit program, the Queensferry crossing, and the Dubai Water Canal. Jacobs is also considered a company that sets records. For example, Jacobs achieved the world record for the longest continuous underwater concrete pouring (15 days of continuous pouring 24/7) for the Queensferry crossing bridge. Furthermore, Jacobs’ Eastlink, Seattle to South Bellevue Segment (I-90) is the world’s first light rail track construction on a floating bridge.


Jacobs is a company that strongly emphasizes the Industry 4.0 digital revolution and has been applying several new techniques to its projects. One interesting method is their newly implemented Jacobs Intelligent Operations Network (ion) that includes applications that tackle security and site safety, and also provides digitalized solutions for various architectural and engineering platforms. Furthermore, another method was the Intelligent Transport System that was applied to the Queensferry crossing bridge that includes an innovative technology that reduced traffic congestion in the bridge.

Jacobs has been able to provide various engineering solutions to various projects by using the different software MIDAS provides. Recently, Jacobs has been working on the West Gate Tunnel project in Melbourne Australia which include complex elements such as Tub girders. These tub girders have complex geometries but provide high torsional rigidity. Furthermore, tub girders are faster to erect and easier to inspect so engineers for this project decided to choose tub girders as their deck element. Various MIDAS Civil construction stage analysis functions were used to evaluate the different phases of tub girder construction. Furthermore, by using MIDAS Civil design modules, engineers were able to check key design factors, including moment, shear, buckling, and constructability.



2. HDR, Inc.



HDR is a U.S. design firm that specializes in various services including engineering, architecture, environmental, and construction. HDR is currently ranked as No.6 design firm in the world with various famous projects such as the Hoover Dam Bypass, Singapore Changi Airport, and the Tappan Zee Bridge Replacement. Furthermore, HDR is a company that is known as an employee-owned company, or Employee stock ownership, where employees are given company’s stock as part of the bonus or compensation.


HDR is also known for its world-renowned knowledge and expertise in bridge design and engineering. With more than 600 bridge specialists working on various complex and challenging bridges, HDR has provided innovative solutions to its various bridge projects around the world. Moreover, by using the latest technologies such as BIM, structural health monitoring systems, and accelerated bridge construction approach, HDR has been able to achieve its client’s goals.


One engineering technique HDR is very proud of is its advanced Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) technique. This technique is used for replacement of bridges that have been damaged or aged over time. HDR focuses on two very popular methods: The first ABC method includes transporting and replacing a bridge with a completely new structure. This method is carried out by building a completely new bridge on temporary piers next to the bridge that must be replaced. When the new bridge is completed, the old bridge is demolished and the new bridge is transported by modular transporters. The second ABC method HDR is famous for is its prefabrication of the replacement structure using modular parts. By doing so, the quality of the new structure will be met and construction time will be greatly reduced.



3. T.Y. Lin International

T.Y. Lin International


T.Y. Lin International (TYLI) is recognized as a global, multi-disciplinary engineering firm with profound knowledge in design and engineering of bridges. As one of the largest bridge design firms in the world, TYLI has proven that there are no challenges when it comes to building bridges, especially long-span bridges. Furthermore, TYLI provides construction engineering and planning, seismic analysis and retrofit, structural analysis and engineering for any kind of bridges including suspension bridges, cable-stayed bridges, segmental bridges, etc.


One of the most iconic bridge TYLI has been involved is the Weirton-Steubenville bridge in Ohio, USA. The Weirton-Steubenville bridge is an asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge with a single inverted Y-tower and I-shaped plate girders. TYLI provided engineering consultancy of the bridge by providing construction stage analysis and cable tension optimization of the bridge structure. Such complex analyses performed using the various features provided in midas Civil software. Furthermore, in addition to the 3D analysis of the bridge structure, detailed analysis for the anchor block was performed.





ARUP is a global consulting services firm that provides top-notch civil engineering solutions to its clients. ARUP is currently considered one of the top largest international design firms in the world with various notable projects including the Beijing National Stadium, the Millennium Bridge, and Stonecutters Bridge. Some of the services ARUP provides include advisory services for sustainable projects, wind engineering and earthquake engineering solutions for various structures, and Building Information modeling solutions.


ARUP has been able to provide structural engineering solutions to various bridge structures by using midas Civil as a structural analysis and design software. One example is the Stonecutters Bridge in Kowloon, Hongkong. The Stonecutters bridge is considered the world’s second longest spanning cable-stayed bridge with a main span of 1,080m. Due to its large span, the bridge was exposed to various dynamic forces including aerodynamic forces. Therefore, complex structural analysis was required for the bridge. In order to perform such analyses, midas Civil was used as a structural software in order to perform various analyses including Construction Stage analysis with time-dependent effects, cable tension optimization, and geometric nonlinear analysis.


ARUP not only provides state-of-the-art bridge engineering solutions to its clients but also aesthetic integrity to its bridge design. One award winning project by ARUP, the Helix Bridge in Singapore, clearly shows how ARUP is able to provide engineering solutions while saving the aesthetic integrity of a structure. The Helix Bridge design was inspired by the double-helix structure of a human DNA. However, at first, the design of the helix structure appeared to be structurally unstable and uncapable of carrying substantial loads. In order to tackle this problem, ARUP used its own engineering software to design a method that could make the Helix bridge structurally safe. In the end, ARUP was able to design a steel tubular truss bridge that kept the design of the helix structure of a human DNA. By doing so, ARUP was able to please all the companies involved in delivering this complicated project.






AECOM is a multinational engineering consultancy firm that provides various services including architectural engineering, building design, and construction management. In 2020, AECOM was named #1 in Transportation, Environmental and building design firm by Engineering News-Records. AECOM is compromised of expert bridge engineers who deliver the world’s most prominent long-span and complex bridges to its clients. Some of the services AECOM provides for bridge engineering include bridge planning, modeling, erection calculation, bridge inspection, and structural analysis and design.


AECOM is able to provide such engineering solutions by using structural engineering programs such as midas Civil. One iconic project by AECOM in which midas Civil was used is the River Irwell Bridge in the U.K. The River Irwell Bridge is considered one of the longest asymmetric network arch bridges in the world and is the first network bridge to ever be built in the United Kingdom. AECOM provided structural engineering services including Independent Checks of the bridge structure. These included structural element checks in accordance with BS EN standards and non-linear buckling analysis of the buckling shapes. AECOM was able to carry such analyses by using midas Civil software and the different functions and wizards provided on it. Lastly, AECOM carried out construction stage analysis and moving load analysis of the entire arch shaped bridge structure.



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