CIVIL NX AtoZ : Displaying Multiple Loads Simultaneously

December 13, 2023

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Hello, Civil Engineers! Today, we'll explore how to view multiple loads simultaneously in MIDAS CIVIL NX.

Many of you have been curious about displaying various loads on the screen at the same time. Today, I’m excited to share the solution to this.


Question of the Day : "Is there a way to see Load Case 1 point loads and Load Case 2 uniformly distributed loads simultaneously?"


Don't worry. We've got you covered!

If you go to the Load tab in Display, you can display all the desired loads on the screen at once.


First, let's look at an example of an underground structure. It has various loads applied, and I wanted to see the top and bottom water pressures simultaneously.


Hydrostatic Pressure at the Top of Structures

Hydrostatic Pressure at the Top of Structures


Hydrostatic Pressure at the Bottom of Structures

Hydrostatic Pressure at the Bottom of Structures


Open MIDAS CIVIL NX and go to the View tab > Display. Then, navigate to the Load tab, and a window like this will appear.


View Tab_Display

View Tab_Display


Here, you can select the loads you want. For instance, if you choose Pressure Load and Beam Load and click the OK button, both loads will be displayed on the screen.


Display Menu

Display Menu


If you want to check a specific Load group separately, select Group Selection, and click the '...' button on the right to open the Select Load Group window.

There, choose the Load group you desire and press OK, and only that group will be activated and visible.

Pretty simple, right?


Display Menu_Select Load Group

Display Menu_Select Load Group


Group Selection

Group Selection


This way, you can easily view complex-looking loads at a glance.

TA-DA! Here’s the result. You can easily see the loads acting on the top and bottom, can't you?


Displaying Multiple Loads Simultaneously

Displaying Multiple Loads Simultaneously


With this small tip in MIDAS CIVIL NX, your work will become much easier.

Now, enhance your efficiency with MIDAS CIVIL NX and become a 'Load Viewing' wizard! 🎩🔮


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