CIVIL NX AtoZ : Offset function in CIVIL NX

December 20, 2023

Hello everyone, Welcome back 🎉. This is CoBen!! 👬

Do you remember the content we shared last week?

For those who may have missed the previous content or are a bit unclear, let me briefly summarize it. 🤓

Last week, we shared a method for simultaneously checking multiple loads.

Click on the Display menu in the View tab, and in the Load tab, check on specific loads or load combinations you want to represent. This will display all selected loads on the model.

For more details, you can click on 'Displaying Multiple Loads Simultaneously' to check it out!

Then let's move on to today's topic.

Today, we'll explore the principle of applying the 'Offset function in MIDAS CIVIL NX'. Many users have applied the offset function to their models and have inquired about it not being properly represented in the modeling.


Today's question: "I've applied an Offset, but it doesn't appear to be applied. What could be the reason for the Offset being released?"


We're going to share the reason for that today.

You cannot apply a Beam End Offset at the same time when a Section Offset is in place. It is not possible to apply Offsets simultaneously.


Try this simple and useful method to use MIDAS CIVIL NX more easily and effectively!

First, please check the corresponding model.


Center-Top Offset Modeling

Center-Top Offset Modeling


This model is modeled with all section offsets set to Center-Top. However, certain beam elements appear as if the Section offset has not been applied. Looking at the shape, the horizontal beams appear to be Center-Center, not Center-Top. I became curious about why this issue occurs.

The occurrence of this problem is surprisingly simple. If you apply a Beam End Offset while a Section Offset is already applied, the Offset function will be released. In CIVIL NX, you cannot have both types of offsets acting simultaneously.


Offset Function Modeling in CIVIL NXOffset Function Modeling in CIVIL NX


Although you cannot apply offsets simultaneously, there is a solution. For sections where Section Offset is applied, you can delete the Beam End Offset and connect the rigid body using an Elastic Link of the Rigid Type to replace the Beam End Offset function.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?


This small tip for MIDAS CIVIL NX will make your work much easier. Now become a wizard of the 'Offset' function while using MIDAS CIVIL NX more effectively! 🎩🔮

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