[Free Download] Time-Dependent Material Properties Calculation Sheet

April 25, 2024

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Were you intrigued by our previous post on 'The Impact of Differential Shrinkage'? As a bonus, we offer free Excel calculation sheets directly related to the content!


This calculation sheet provides the formulas for determining the creep coefficient and shrinkage strain by Eurocode 2, specifically for materials with time-dependent properties.


Ready to get your hands on this valuable Excel calculation sheet? Click the button to download now and start exploring the creep coefficient and shrinkage strain calculations according to Eurocode 2!


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Sagar Gohil | Structural Technician | MIDAS IT India

Sagar has years of design experience in different types of structures including PSC Integral bridges, Box culverts, and Residential and commercial buildings. He pursued his master's degree from IIT Roorkee and is experienced in handling complex technical issues related to bridges.


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