MIDAS IT's Positive Impact Recognized: Receives Special Award from the Japanese Geotechnical Society

August 18, 2023


MIDAS IT's Positive Impact Recognized:

Receives Special Award from the Japanese Geotechnical Society


Special AwardsMIDAS IT's technical sharing and dissemination efforts during the first half of 2023 have been acknowledged by professionals in the Japanese architecture and construction fields, resulting in MIDAS IT's Japanese Office receiving a Special Award from the Japanese Geotechnical Society.



MIDAS ITs Positive Impact Recognized_Shutterstock In the Japanese construction industry, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) systems are utilized to promote ongoing skills enhancement among professionals.


CPD involves a set of activities and approaches through which experts and professionals strive for continuous learning and development to maintain and enhance their expertise. In relation to this, MIDAS IT's recent technical sharing activities and seminars have been widely recognized by professionals in Japan's architecture and construction sectors, leading to the conferment of a Special Award by the Japanese Geotechnical Society.


The Japanese Geotechnical Society is a prestigious engineering society in the Japanese construction field that engages in technical research and development to mitigate damages caused by natural disasters. The Society highly evaluated MIDAS IT's contribution to enhancing the technical capabilities of professionals in Japan's construction sector through technology sharing, particularly in the face of challenges such as workforce shortages and knowledge transfer.


MIDAS IT has been supporting Japanese professionals by providing CPD-accredited seminars on technical education. The Japanese subsidiary of MIDAS IT has conducted over 200 CPD-certified seminars since 2008, delivering technical education to more than 10,000 professionals.



Kim Jae-mo, the CEO of MIDAS IT Japan, expressed his thoughts, showcasing great expectations and aspirations for MIDAS IT's future. He stated, "MIDAS IT Japan holds the top market share in architectural structural CAE and detailed ground CAE analysis in the Japanese market. The Special Award from the Japanese Geotechnical Society is a testament to MIDAS IT's achievements and credibility in the Japanese market, and we take great pride as a South Korean company. We aim to continue contributing to the world with positive impact through technology by providing more opportunities for technical sharing to many more professionals."


In the latter half of this year, MIDAS IT plans to release the general-purpose detailed analysis software GTS NX/FEA NX for civil and ground engineering, which will address the new seismic design standards in the Japanese market, significantly contributing to the reinforcement of seismic performance in infrastructure structures.


Currently, MIDAS IT is achieving significant success both domestically and globally. It commands a 90% market share in three sectors: architecture, civil engineering, and ground engineering, in the domestic market. Moreover, it operates overseas subsidiaries in 10 countries including the United States, China, and Russia.


We look forward to witnessing further development and growth and extend our heartfelt support to MIDAS IT's positive influence in the future!




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