Australian Traffic Load Update: HLP, Rail, And Rating

March 4, 2021


It is essential to consider traffic loads when we design bridges. And engineers must be aware of how to apply the traffic loads according to the relevant design code. Engineers would be happy with the software if the software automatically considers the things specified in the design code. Midas Civil had only a few vehicles as per AS5100.2 before. But now more vehicles are available and some more powerful features have been updated since version 2020 v3.1.


In this session, We will see the details of the updates regarding traffic loads according to AS code in midas Civil.





Key Points



1. Traffic Loads Update according to AS5100

Heavy Load Platform, Rail loadings, and the vehicles for rating of existing bridges are now available from midas Civil 2020v3.1. It will allow users to have more precise analysis than before.

2. How midas Civil considers Australian Standard

There are many clauses including various factors that we need to take account in AS code. For example, variable spacing between the axle loads, lane factors, dynamic load allowance factors, etc. We will learn how we consider those using midas Civil.

3. Deep Understand of Moving Load Analysis in midas Civil

Beginner users of midas Civil make mistakes sometimes by ignoring the various option in midas Civil. If you rely on default values in the functions, we may see the wrong analysis results. We should have the right understanding when we use a certain function.


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Jihoon Kang | Lead Engineer | MIDAS IT

His main role is to work closely with bridge engineers around the world to ensure they are satisfied with midas Civil and to listen the areas of improvement. He also manages multiple training programs to show the shortest path to successfully complete their bridge projects.

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