[MIDAS CIM] V190 New Feature! : “Field Data”

December 26, 2023

0. Introduction

   Explore how MIDAS CIM aligns with the latest BIM guidelines, focusing on Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Object Breakdown Structure (OBS). Discover the revolutionary Field Data feature in V190, allowing seamless input and management of object information.


1. Utilization of MIDAS CIM - Field Data

   Now let's fill in the information in the model object. Since the Construction Industry BIM Implementation Guidelines publication by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport in 2022, specific criteria for utilizing BIM models for construction and maintenance purposes have been established, going beyond the perspective of constructing BIM models. The Construction Industry BIM Implementation Guidelines (Designer's Edition) focuses on several important aspects that align with major BIM standards.

   The guidelines also specify the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and the Object Breakdown Structure (OBS) to systematically manage the entities and attributes that comprise the BIM model data. Let's first take a look at the defined contents.


2. What is the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)?

   The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a classification of construction tasks by field, which serves as a criterion for distinguishing roles and areas of BIM model creation. It classifies them into planning, design, construction, and maintenance stages. Construction-related entities utilize codes to distinguish business units, such as creating construction-related documents and classifying information in construction-related information systems.

   The WBS can be used in conjunction with BIM objects as a classification system that combines detailed construction types and details, such as facilities, trades, facilities, spaces, and parts.


3. What is the Object Breakdown Structure (OBS)?

   Next, the Object Breakdown Structure (OBS) is a systematic classification of object units from the perspective of the Construction Information Classification System, which separates or combines object units of the entire facility to utilize the BIM model for various tasks. It classifies object-specific attributes for configuring attributes of facility objects, including identification, shape, material, and code.

   The OBS is a classification system that defines the minimum parts or materials that make up the WBS-structured BIM model. Still, it is currently insufficient to cover all fields in the construction industry.

It is stated that the criteria provided by the client are given priority, and it can be utilized after the establishment of a new industry standard for OBS in the future.


4. Then, what about MIDAS CIM?

   MIDAS CIM is a tool that can be effectively utilized for these criteria.

In MIDAS CIM, V190, the Field Data feature has been introduced to allow the input and utilization of user-defined object information.

   To briefly introduce the feature, it allows input in two categories: Default Field Data, which utilizes the basic attribute information of objects grouped by units of object information, and Custom Field Data, which allows the input of user-defined attribute information.


Field Data feature

Field Data feature


   By inputting user-defined data based on this attribute information system, it will be possible to systematically manage BIM model data by directly checking information about objects in terms of construction and maintenance.

   Furthermore, it supports the Export 4.3 version to the data format IFC (Industry Foundation Classes), which is specified to enable interoperability and compatibility of BIM models between software, contributing to the improvement of model quality.



Reference Document

Construction Industry BIM Implementation Guidelines - Designer's Edition (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, July 2022)

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